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By 28 November 2015

Commission pay report was setup by government of India. Commission pay reports recommend the changings in salary packages of government employees. Indian Government has introduced seven commission pay reports on regular basis after independence to make amendments on the work procedures and income packages of civilians and government employees. This commission was based on 18 months of its constitution to be applied. First pay commission was established on January 1946 and was submitted on May, 1947 to the interim government of India. Second Pay Commission was established in 1957 and submitted its report after two years. The commendations of the second pay commission had a financial impact of Rs396 million.

Commission Pay
That demanded the recruiting of low qualified employees. Third Pay Commission was started in April 1970 and was submitted after three years which carried commendations of Rs1.44billions. Based on concepts of inclusiveness, comprehensibility, and adequacy for pay structure to be sound in nature. Fourth pay commission was established in 1983 and delivered in three phases that burdened government with 12.82billions. Fifth pay commission was established in 1994 and was criticized by World Bank. Sixth pay commission was reported in 2006 with 20,000 crore for 5.5 million government employees. Seventh pay commission was presented in 2016 and was announced to be implemented in 2016. This commission pay report has brightened the future of employees as it was the hope of increase in payments annually. Straight incomes create fewer effects on employee but commissions are hope in increase of base line in form of incentives and employee works hard for more commissions. But incentives at small level are sort of slap on employee. The other side of this commission is that it is kind of loss for the company and increases the expense of government. As all these seven pay commission reports show the tragic side of burden at government.

For keeping a record of the commissions paid to the agents a Commission Pay Report Excel Template is used widely. It is sort of formal document containing the name of the person, Pay period, Sales made, Date for each sale, Percentage of commission, Amount paid, Remaining amount, Name of mother of the agent, How the commission was paid either online or by person, Where it was paid, etc. You can also add more categories according to your wish and requirement. Commission Pay Report is available here in Excel, PDF and JPEG formats.

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