Event management project tracker

By 10 October 2014

The objective of conducting an event is to come up with the desired results by an efficient way in all perspectives. One has to consider the accounting issues, management problems and economic dimension as well. Event management tracker helps in all sort of events.  It can help an individual or company to organize an event in most accurate way. The very basic thing is planning which includes the location, tools, financial constraints plus legal and social bounds. Furthermore, the estimation of requirements is also mandatory while planning. To be best estimator, tracking suggests you to record the actual effort and time spent on each part of event which will help to improve your accuracy for next events. In addition to this, you could notice the size of product, quantity required and method of functioning to be good project manager. Moreover, you have to get the credit for event only when it is completely done instead of getting credit on starting the event or being done with sixty percent of the event.  Most of the problems arise when project manager do not know how far behind the project really is from planning. The suggested way for the given problem is “inch-pebbles” in which you have to divide the large activity in small tasks. While observing this practice one would be able to classify each task as either done or not done rather than in between. Furthermore, event management project tracker helps in tracking the project by taking into account the revenue, expenses and profit of the event. Additionally, the manager has to review the event once it is completed which will help to grab lessons learned. The strength and weaknesses of the team and the opportunities and threats for the event are important. A good review will surely help to improve future performances.

While managing some event we need to make sure that all the parts of the event are preplanned and everything is well managed. Event management project tracker helps you in tracking the project details like the dates, expenses across the mentioned job categories, etc. It is an all in one project management tracker as you can use it for all sort of events. You can also see a chart of planned and actual time and expense chart which helps you in making it more accurate for next time.

The template consist of a total of three pages and all the parts have been easily explained for you. In case you face any difficulty in using it you can send us an email on our contact us page. This template is available in Excel, PDF and JPEG formats for free.

Event management project tracker

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