General Affidavit

By 9 September 2015

Affidavit in literary term is known as an oath that is taken by the person who has included all information and knowledge in a statement. Basically this oath is a security of written statements a company holder has included in to be signed by all. It is necessary to sign affidavit for assurance of other stake holders that all information regarding the project is based on truth. And for this the owner signs the petitioner of affidavit. Generally an affidavit contains descriptive elements at its top, this description is based on legal matters about which it is tendered and is also known as litigation as the style of cause. Above all, Affidavit is also recognized by the name of sworn declaration.


To make the affidavit statement it is necessary for the affiant (person making statement) to mention his name address and occupation along with the procedures based on facts, but not always, chronologically. However the statement of affidavit is used in different wording styles that predict the verification of affiant that he is providing sure information. Moreover, the affidavit is completed by the signature of the person taking the oath, which is also known by the word jurat and it also contains the place and date of oath taken by the affiant. Moreover, in the courts most of the time the business is transacted on the basis of affidavit only and oral witnesses are not considered to be trust worthy.

However, the affiant is always considered to be responsible for any amendments taken in the information given in the project. To overlap this affiant should be responsible of his duties and should not gamble anything which may harm him or his career. At another side, some affiant tries to gamble he is absolutely digging a hole for himself as he has singed the petitioner at his responsibility so there is no chance of taking risk.

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