Project communication plan 2016

By 28 November 2015

Project communication is to communicate with the stake holders interested in your project to invest. This communication plan holds all the information regarding upcoming project. This communication is helpful as some points that lack can be better understand by other partners and can cope up on the spot. A Project needs multiple efforts and multiple ideas to attain the maximum progress. A good communication has different and helpful elements like communication objectives, target audiences, key content for the communications, communication method and frequency.

Project Communication
Good communication expects surprises, avoids duplication of effort, and can help to reveal blunders and misallocation of resources early enough to license corrections. Project Manager, Project Sponsor, Project Stakeholders are the key holders of project communication plan. Project communication plan is source of spreading information to the audiences and here the planners target the audiences for effective progress. Main purpose of communication is to let know the people about project and all information related to the project. This communication develops the relationship between planners and people interested in project. Frequency of communication is also planned in communication planning to target how many times this communication should be taken place and intervals between the communications like Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, at the end of a stage, etc. This communication can also be delivered by report, phone, website, meeting, formal presentation, etc. To judge the progress of communication and know the effective measures there can be some meeting evaluation forms to be filled after communication. Project communication plan helps in motivating the project and easy way to target the audience. Project communication withdraws the gap between planners and audiences and interested audience creates contact with planner. On another side some rituals can steal your planning from this communication and can establish new project with some more versatility by their small efforts.

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