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By 28 November 2015

Project overview statement is a document about the precise information of project which is about to start or have been started. It contains the whole knowledge of project like its goals, objectives, and benefits, finance to be invested and profits to be gained etc. Winsock described project overview statement in 2012 as a short document, written for senior management approval and resources needed for the project plan, concisely stating the following for the project:
1. what needs to be done? The level of hard work and amount of finance that is needed for project is written in the statement.
2. Why it is done? Purpose behind this project and how it will be helpful in future and estimated profit is stated.
3. What value will the enterprise achieve? The state of progress and goals achieved will take the project at its peak or it’s just a temporary project is defined.
project overview

Project overview statement is helpful in introducing project with its precise statements that presents the overview of whole project. Due to this precise statement it is easy for the senior management to overview the project within short time. Project statement may have some amendments from the previous plans. As they may include some plans that were not achieved and now presented in a different way that it will strike the thought of management and they will approve it.
Writing project overview statement is helpful in catching the interested stakeholder also about future planning of project. As this statement indicates the desired finance and upcoming profit that can be achieved in future. So the interested stakeholder can review the estimation and make his own estimates according to the plans. But if the statement indicates high amount of finance and stakeholders are not supposed to invest at high level they may reject it.

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