Sales Trend Analysis 2015-2016

By 9 September 2015

Sales trend analysis is basically an analysis of sales amount in a company. Usually it predicts about the trends of sale that may be increasing or decreasing in the company. So in literal meaning to judge the area of sales of a company that might be increasing or decreasing is known as sales analysis. However sales managers are responsible for the analysis of sales during the fiscal year. And they determine the trends to report the best course of the action. It is through sales analysis that managers identify all opportunities available in the market and also they analyze the areas where they could increase the volume. Moreover, a customer should show the history of his revenues of increasing sales during certain time period. And this data is used to show further for starting a new business plan or project plan. In general the sales analysis shows the actual sales amount of a business which is helpful for future planning. Whereas, in larger corporations, sales analysis reports are having data for subsidiary, division or region for analysis report.

Sales trend

Not only this but sales analysis also includes the percentage of revenue that are being received by different customers which is useful for the retaining of business. The manager may also use the term of new versus repeat analysis for measurement of effectiveness of new advertisements, new products and the thoughtful aiming of new customer segments. This should also in consideration of an analyst that analysis report can reveal the fact of demand of a product. And a long-term drop in sales for a single product may point out several problems for further projects. So the best sales analysis is one which grows in specific time period without declination and for this company management is responsible to work hard for the best image of their products.

Sales Trend Analysis 2015-2016 Excel Template provides you with an easy tool to analyse the trends of sales as mentioned. The manual for the template is included inside the template, so you don’t need to be worried about the manual. Sales Trend Analysis 2012 Excel Template can be downloaded in Excel, PDF and JPEG formats for free. The links for free download have been given at the bottom of the page.

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