By 10 October 2014

One of the Most important and Most effective way of promoting your business is Marketing. The new world marketing has shifted from paper to computers. The fast growing internet users and active social marketing professionals have conquered the marketing field. With the fast growth in online users the traditional marketing has been shifted to internet and web. Currently the companies with the most active and effective online marketing strategies are the champions. Given below is an infographic showing how the web and internet has changed the trends in traditional marketing.

New world marketing

Marketing has a key role in any Entrepreneurship. The strategic decisions of any business focus on marketing as an essential part like the quality and quantity of their production. With the globalizing world, the pattern of business marketing is not confined to papers and physical dealings rather the business companies do consider electronic, print and social media for earning good revenues. Businesses that use social media strategically are more progressed than those, who are more skeptical about the value of social media. The users of social media are increasing day by day which made it indispensable for CEO’s to have a profound interest in social media marketing. The online demand and supply of goods has increased to a great level because of opportunity cost of time both for the consumers and firms. The technology is grabbing average and above average class people round the globe which is consistent with the customers or buyers targeted in business strategies of large organizations. It gives strong feedback of customers with in short span of time along with choices and types of customers. Businesses that use social media as part of a planned corporate approach are more likely to anticipate revenue growth than their competitors who do not focus on new world marketing. The new world marketing via twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, mails and LinkedIn has changed the global economy as a whole. Moreover, beside external benefits of new world marketing, the biggest opportunity for enterprise organizations is to have a more interlinked social network of their own. The transparency of business communications could be enhanced to a maximum level which is a primary goal of all the firms. In addition to this, new world marketing includes the extension of business which is quite difficult because of communication gap between franchises round the globe. Hence, role of internet and webs had become an inevitable part of new world marketing.

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